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Once again Frecuencia Latinoamérica is pleased to present the only conference and exhibition on Mexican and Central American mobile and wireless products and services, focused specially on the ample diversity of technological standards and on the role of technological competition in market and industry growth. The Mobile Mexico and Central America Summit 2006 will expose and provide a complete analysis on the ample diversity of technological standards that exist in the Region.

On one hand, there are basic cellular standards like GSM and CDMA that support technologies such as VOICE, SMS, GPRS and 3G, which head the revolution of personal communication services. On the other hand, there are technologies like Wi-Fi, WiMAX, RFID, Bluetooth and VoIP that contribute to turn wireless communications into a faster and more effective proposition, allowing the operator to become a provider of several access alternatives through service convergence. It is clear, therefore, that the wireless market is based on four fundamental pillars: Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Business, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing.

Mexico is one of the most dynamic markets in the world and the second in Latin America. Three different technologies coexist in Mexico: TDMA (Telcel and Movistar), CDMA (Unefon and Iusacell) and GSM (Telcel and Movistar). GPRS and EDGE are already available in most of the cities. GSM represents 50 percent of the subscribers of Telcel and 90% of Movistar users. Iusacell and Unefon are strengthening their cooperation in CDMA networks. Iusacell has released a CDMA 1X RTT network in 2005.

Telcel dominates by large the Mexican market with more than 75 percent share. Movistar is second with more than six million end users and has grown after adopting the brand name Movistar. Iusacell and Unefon have common shareholders and both use CDMA network. All operators have started a WAP portal, since mobile content distribution is a strategic issue for mobile operators in Mexico.

Including the Central American market

The aggressive growth of Central American markets is taking place within this scenario. According to US consultancy Pyramid Research, although Mexico and Brazil represented 43% of all regional subscribers in 2005, this number is expected to remain constant during the next five years, whereas the region America Center and the Caribbean will grow more quickly than any other region during the same period of time. According to the consultancy, smaller markets such as Costa Rica and Honduras grow at rates superior to 6%.

Due to the geographic proximity and similarity between technologies and market challenges, the Mobile Mexico & Central America Summit 2006 will include the presence and knowledge contribution of several representatives of Central American operators. During two days, the Summit will bring together operators, regulators, vendors, service and application providers, versed Mexican and Central American industry consultants and experts, sharing experiences on the way toward convergence and third generation mobile services. The debates will be stimulated by participation in round tables, panels on controversial subjects, product exhibition and the presence of strategic market leaders who will deliver keynote speeches.

This event will be an extremely effective way of learning the best way of developing products and strategies in Mexican and Central American markets, as well as of capitalizing and maintaining constant growth. You will be better prepared to make the correct decisions in order to survive new developments, but also to take advantage of them, increasing brand value and guaranteeing long term growth. Participants, GSM, CDMA, institutional and others, will be able to share concepts and points of view related to the Mexican & Central American migration to the next generation. Take advantage of the enormous opportunities the mobile industry has to offer.

A Few of the Expert Panels to be presented
• Offerings of Innovative VAS Services
• Revenue Models for Mobile Content Distribution
• Taking SMS to the Next Level – Adoption of MMS User Retention and Competition
• Technology Adoption: Challenges Towards 3G
• Regulatory Considerations and Growth leading to Mobile Convergence
• Implementation of New Technological Developments and Solutions
• VoIP, Wi-Max and Wi-Fi Services
• Triple play
• OSS & Billing Solutions
• Mobile Banking & Payment Services
• And many more!

Advisory Board
• Erasmo Rojas, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, 3G Americas
• Fernando Parfumi, Manager for the Americas, Pyramid Research
• Ernesto Piedras, Director, The Competitive Intelligence Unit

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