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  Contenido Móvil Américas II 2006

Thursday - November 9th
  Track 1 - Gables Salon
- Ana Maria Yumiseva
Frecuencia Publications
Track 2 - Merrick II

- Elizabeth Fife, Ph.D.
- Edward Moran
Center for Telecom Management
Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California
  Reaching the Markets Content for the Corporate World
9:30-10:10 Market Overview - Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and other emerging markets in the region. What is new, where are we now, hype or reality?
- Jamie Trowbridge, President, Tierra Innovation, Inc., USA
- Fernando Pafumi, Director - Pyramid Research
Advances in mobile banking, mobile payments and money transfer applications.
- James Anderson, General Manager and Vice President, bcgi Payment, USA
- Daniel Csoka, President and CEO, aKos Technology Corporation, USA
10:10-10:50 US Hispanic: analyzing usage data. Hispanic youths are avid consumers of data services. Understand Hispanic's consumer trends and monetize your content.
- Nicholas Montes, Vice President/General Manager, Viva Vision
- Manuel Barroso, Business Development Director, Verisign, USA
Mobile applications and services in the corporate world. How is mobile technology being marketed to businesses?
- Monique Gibelli, Vice President, IDC Latin America Research and Consulting
- Ma Qing Qing, Director Marketing Department of Latin America, Huaweii, Mexico
  Reaching the Markets, contd Innovative Content
11:20-12:00 Mobile marketing and US Hispanics. The importance of segmentation. Multicultural campaign perspectives from south and north of the border.
- Joost Van De Velde, KTC Consulting, Mexico
- Germán Montoya, Senior VP - Mobile Marketing, Cyclelogic
Viral content. How big is viral content in Latin America? Can operators/content producers benefit from it?
- Sean Kane, Vice President, Intercasting, USA
- Noah Otalvaro, Barrio305, USA
12:00-12:40 Moderator: Manuel Barroso, Business Development, Verisign, USA
Targeting prepaid customers for mobile content. Understanding prepaid technologies and VAS services in US & Latin American markets. MVNO outlook so far.
- Giancarlo Molero, Marketing Manager, Movida, USA
- Dean Fresonke, COO, ClearSky Mobile, USA
The truth about adult content consumption. Who is buying? How is it being regulated?
- Santiago Troncar, Vice President Mobile, Claxson (PlayboyTV Latin America), Argentina
- Ofer Zur, Founder, Mobival, Israel
  Branding and Mobile Marketing Interactive Sports & Soccer related content
2:00-2:40 Marketing & branding success strategies from experienced players in reaching Hispanics and Latin Americans.
- Gabriel McCallister, Founder, 7EFE
- Jorge Rincón, Founder & COO, UpMobile
Lessons from the World Soccer Cup. How operators increased ARPU in 2006 with soccer related content.
- Gerald Rocha, Senior Director of Mobile Content and Media, Telephia, Inc.
2:40-3:20 Mobile marketing in the Region. A closer look at SMS campaigns that are working. Time for Latin American Idol?
- Eduardo Raad, Gerente General, Metromovil, Ecuador
- Stephen Brough, Director, Mobile Entertainment, Latin America, Sony Pictures Television International, USA
Soccer leagues, fantasy leagues in Latin America. How are soccer brands and idols profiting from interactive applications, SMS, etc.
- Andres Jordan, Vice President Carrier Solutions, T-Systems North America Inc., Deutsche Telekom
3:20-3:40 COFFEE BREAK
  Mobile Marketing, contd Gambling and Mobile Gaming
3:40-4:20 What role are Latin American operators taking in the development of mobile marketing? Who is reinforcing regulatory, privacy and financial considerations? Where does the Region stand?
- Milton González, Manager of Mobile Data, Movistar, Ecuador
- Tonatiu G. Hurtado Pasos, Manager of Communications & Information Technology, UNEFON, Mexico
Mobile Gaming in Emerging Countries: Challenges and Opportunities.
- André Faure, Marketing Manager, TecToy Mobile, Brasil
- Christian Moreno, Sales Director for Iberia & Latin America, AMA Spain
4:20-5:00 Round Table: revenue models between carriers, content providers and in-between. Structuring the give and take.
Moderator: Victor Kong, MTV Networks Latin America
- Begoña Varas Vidal, Subgerente Contenidos, Telefónica Móviles, Chile
- Ramiro Fernandez, Director Business Development, Discovery Argentina
- Stephane Nadon, Senior Product Manager, VSNL, USA
- Jose Ignacio González, VP of Strategic Accounts & Regional Director Mexico, Net-People

Friday - November 10th
  Track 1 - Gables Salon Track 2 - Merrick II
  Mobile Entertainment The Business of International Mobile Business
9:30-10:10 Mobile TV and video deployments in Latin America. Who is watching, when and which broadcast technologies will be deployed. Current business models.
Moderator: Manuel Barroso, Business Development, Verisign, USA
- Assaf Tarnopolsky, Director of Business Development, Mobitv, USA
- Flemming Lund, CEO, Inmobia Entertainment, Denmark
- Ing. Tonatiu G. Hurtado Pasos, Manager of Communications & Information Technology, UNEFON, Mexico
Issues and challenges of exporting content to and from Latin America. The case for content placement from Spain and Europe.
- Gio Bacareza, Director, Chikka, Philippines
- Javier Diaz, VP LATAM, Buongiorno MyAlert!, Spain
10:10-10:50 Round Table: Producing local content for mobile video. Entertainment industry discusses their market vision and their plans to develop content for the small screen.
Moderator: Manuel Barroso, Business Development, Verisign, USA
- Maria Wich-Vila, Director of Brand Management, Viva Vision, USA
- Victor Kong, MTV Networks Latin America
- Christopher Brunner, VP, Mobile Content and Services, Univision Communications, USA
- Andy Bishop, VP of Mobile Content Worldwide, Sony Pictures Television International
Round Table: Mobile music, TV, and games industries have reached important milestones in Latin America. However, some feel that although on the right path, the business conditions for content owners, aggregators and developers can be optimized. How do we get there?
- Jorge Partidas, CEO, Latcel
- Sergio Lopes, VP Marketing/ Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music Latin America*
- Andy Bishop, VP of Mobile Content Worldwide, Sony Pictures Television International
- Matt Garlick, Director, Business Development, Latin America, Proteus
  Mobile Music Innovative Content
11:20-12:20 What is new in mobile music. Regaetton, ringback tones, what are the latest trends among Latins?
Moderator: Leila Cobo, Chief Desk, Billboard Magazine
- Yuval Lanir, Sales Director, Bamboo MediaCasting, Israel
Social media in Latin America. The current state of affairs. Do Latinos need or desire virtual social groups? Avatars, advertising and other revenue generators.
- Aldo Bautista, Business Development, ARENAmobile Latino América, Mexico
- Tim Saarela, CEO, WapOneline, USA
  Mobile Music Licensing content
1:45-2:45 Case study: The case of direct to consumer full track downloads. A reality in Latin America? Business models and strategies.
Moderator: Leila Cobo, Chief Desk, Billboard Magazine
- Seth A. Schachner, Senior Director, Digital Business Latin America, Sony BMG Music Entertainment
- Begoña Varas Vidal, Subgerente Contenidos, Telefónica Móviles, Chile
Round Table: Licensing Issues
The problems of licensing content for mobile distribution, DRM, intellectual and copyright issues.
Moderator: Mario Tapia, Mobile Product Strategist, Mario Tapia Consulting
- Jack Alfandary, Licensing and New Business Development Vice President, Fremantle Media, USA
- Dave Waldman, Head of Business Development, TwistBox
- Nourdean Anakar, Senior Vice President, International Business Development, Digital Orchid, Inc
2:45-3:45 ROUND TABLE: Innovative practices from regional operators in moving and marketing content. Creative minds from the operators standpoint discuss their vision for driving customer adoption of mobile entertainment. Which content will be worth offering, specifically created for Latin American consumption?
Moderator: Victor Kong, MTV Networks Latin America
- Gustavo Mansur, Content Manager - TIM Brasil
- Milton Gonzalez, Manager Wireless Data - Movistar, Ecuador
- Lucreana Márquez Rey, Mercadeo / VAS, Digitel Venezuela

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