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ilu_cma.jpgContenido Móvil Américas will address the business of producing and distributing mobile content for consumption by operators catering to Hispanic mobile users in the US and in Latin America. There exists plenty of mobile content in English, but not enough products for the Spanish/Portuguese speaking world. Latin America and the US have been slow in adopting SMS and MMS services. In recent times however, the barriers for adoption are rapidly being torn down, and it is becoming one of the most promising mobile content markets in the world.

Contenido Móvil Américas will expose, analyze, educate and address the huge mobile content opportunities that are boiling in Latin America, as well as explore the market synergies with the US Hispanic market. According to research sources, US Hispanics consume mobile content more than any other group in the US. Contenido Móvil Américas addresses these emerging opportunities, and explores the benefits of producing specialized content. Another key aspect of conference discussion is exploring the diverse technological choices that facilitate the flow of production and delivery of content in a practical, timely and cost-effective way among the members of the mobile ecosystem.

Of strategic importance is the interaction Contenido Móvil Américas will stimulate between businesses throughout the Americas. Listed below are some of the players that will thrive due to the mobile content explosion in Latin America.

  • Operators
  • Brands
  • Content
  • Developers
  • Consultants
  • Integrators
  • Platform providers
  • Applications providers
  • Content providers
  • Access providers
  • Each industry has characteristics, market forces and even languages of their own. Members of the Latin America’s ecosystem now have a meeting point where they can benchmark and discuss the business and technological aspects; and marketing know-how of producing and delivering mobile content throughout the Americas. The mobile content market is young and untapped. Contenido Móvil Américas will provide the ideal forum for all players from the industry to come together, share ideas and formulate solid business plans that will promote and expand mobile content in the Americas.


    If you are a Latin American operator and wish to optimize your wireless data strategy by learning about the latest products and business practices.

    • You will benchmark through case studies and panel discussions with your counterparts, how they are applying and monetizing business models and innovative applications geared to your specific market needs.

    If you are an operator and want to “stock” your Spanish language content mix, or want to benchmark and learn about the trends in structuring partnerships and deals.

    • You will learn through case studies about the latest partnership structures, and find customized content for your regional needs.

    If you are a Latin American aggregator or application developer, and wish to explore US partnerships and/ or joint ventures.

    • You will meet developers looking for resources in Latin America, to lead them into customizing their existing content and penetrating important new markets.

    If you are a platform, access, application or content provider and are looking to expand, explore or create distribution for your existing Hispanic brands.

    • In this case you will be able to meet marketers, brand owners and operators interested in addressing the needs of this niche market.

    If you are a platform, access, application or content provider and wish to learn about the potential of the US Hispanic and Latin American markets.

    • You will learn about the cultural, business and technological elements you need to address to “sell”, not just “launch” in a particular market.

    If you are an operator or aggregator and wish to explore avenues by which you can deploy and distribute your content in an effective, rapid and technically savvy manner.

    • You will participate in candid discussions with the pros, and learn about the solutions available in the market today, what is working and what is not, to help you short cut your delivery and production system.

    If you own a consumer Hispanic or Latin brand and are looking to develop your wireless and mobile strategy.

    • Here you will have the opportunity to understand the technological options and processes involved in launching effectively your brand in the regional mobile space.


    • Wireless and mobile services
    • Music and Video
    • Content and media partnerships
    • Mobile media
    • Sales, marketing and advertising
    • Digital delivery and distribution
    • Licensing and copyrights
    • Gaming officer
    • Applications and services
    • Business development
    • Planning and strategy
    • E-Commerce


    • Entertainment and Media
    • Operators and carriers
    • Analysts and Legal
    • Aggregators
    • Content companies
    • Content developers
    • Device designers and manufacturers
    • Handset component manufacturers
    • Marketing media services
    • Multimedia service providers
    • Music/games/record companies
    • Personalization providers: ringtones/logos etc
    • Portal providers
    • Premium rate service providers
    • Platform system companies
    • Retailers/distributors
    • Security providers
    • Software developers
    • Systems Integrators
    • Wireless connectivity companies
    • Media network owners
    • Wireless and mobile services
    • Music and Video
    • Content and media partnerships
    • Mobile media
    • Sales and marketing
    • New media and technology
    • Digital delivery and distribution
    • Corporate strategy and venture investment
    • Applications and services
    • Business development
    • Planning and strategy

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